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  • Vision: is to create an opportunity to improve sustainable technologies, innovation and technology transfer for clean, healthy lifestyle and enterprise around the world.
  • Mission: is to promote hands-on-learning for sustainable appropriate technologies for food production, nutrition and healthful food, public health and disease prevention.
  • Approach: is towards enhancing efficiency, waste and renewable resource management that provide resource longevity, recreational space, and an improved communities and health. Additional approach is towards enterprise creation through sustainable design and high level of performance.
  • Philosophy: is to think "globally and act locally", dedicated to provide innovative solution through a system approach and have a participatory, collaborative and mutual benefit approach for the local and global benefit.


About US

Believe in Sustainable World

  • More can be achieved now than ever before through sustainable means. From the use of natural energy sources such as the sun, wind, methane and the tides we can utilize clean energy. Through recycling of old products we can create new goods without mining all new natural resources. Through natural methods, we can purify and re-use, water. With the application of sustainable technologies we can make water go further, reducing our water usage. With improved building materials, we can decrease our impact on the land and make our homes healthier and regulate temperature more efficiently. With alternate fuels, we can travel for less cost and a decreased impact on the earth. Sustainable technologies are the way of the future, and applying them to a diversity of life practices around the world ensures that we have a healthier environment and a healthier population. DINNTEK initiates sustainable practices in every project to educate and improve the health of communities, as well as decrease the impact on the land, and financial strain on community groups.
  • Sustainability is towards creating a vibrant society and economically more productive future:
  • » Education and outreach
    » Local Sustainable Food production technology
    » Locally Grown Organically healthy and natural food
    » Plant natural healthy products development
    » Water Conservation, recycling and reuse
    » Small Farmer enterprise and cooperative system
    » Energy efficiencies and use of alternative energy source
    » Food Security and innovative production system
    » Climate Change adaptability
    » Economic Revitalization

Rising fossil fuels price, and increasing competition for water with climate change and uncertainties necessitate changes that we may prepare ourselves for the challenges and options in the future. The challenge is to create an integrative and interdisciplinary unit to provide the science and technology transfer for developments of enterprises and work for global development for agriculture, healthy food production, limited water resource, usage and development of renewable and efficient energy sources.


Technology TRANSFER & Education

Experiential Learning approach of Dinntek is to bring non traditional way of learning-by-doing in a very informal set up. The future workforce needs to be trained in such way that they meet easily the challenges of 21st century and new world economy.

The Motto of Dinntek Education is to promote hands-on-learning (show-me-tell-me method) and applying innovative minds together for bringing solutions to safeguard both the present and future generation:

» Technology, Science and Social science merged interdisciplinary learning
» Business and community interface learning
» Develop a pilot holistic learning model integrated with cultural and regional learning tools
» Provide support for critical thinking and innovation for self discovery
» Global Innovation Lab and Technology Center
Water, Food, Energy & Environment Sustainability
Innovation & Technology Education
Global Awareness & Appropriate Technology Transfer
Partnerships & Consulting
Nature Conservation & Community Service
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
Access to Global Markets & Build Enterprises
Agriculture Innovation